The Major Subdivisions Of A Report Are Called?


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Reports are usually divided up into sections. Each section has a purpose and often there are specific guidelines issued by your instructor on how to format each section or "subdivision."

A typical report may include the following subdivisions:
1.) Title page
2.) Table of contents
3.) Introduction
4.) Body
5.) References

The title page will usually contain four pieces of information: The title of the report (obviously), the author's name, the name of the company or school the report was prepared for, and the date the report was completed.

The table of contents explains how the report has been organized. A typical table of contents contains headings and subheadings followed by a page number that the information can be found on.

The introduction expresses the author's purpose and intent for writing the material along with background information.

The body is the longest part of the research report and includes all the information that the reader needs to understand the subject. The body should also include the author's conclusions about the information presented.

The references section should include the author's sources of information. This is important as it allows readers to do further research and build on what the author has already written and expressed within his or her report.

Reports may also include subdivisions like an abstract or an appendix. For more information, visit:

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