My Puppy Is Throwing Up White Foamy Stuff, Will Not Eat Or Drink & Will Sporadically Start Yelping As If In Pain. What Does This Mean?


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If your dog is throws up foam occasionally then no need to worry. If this problem is consistent then you must be concerned. Foamy vomiting in dogs along with restlessness, pacing and drooling can be due to a very serious conditions that can lead to death if not treated on time. This condition is called canine bloat.

Bloat in dogs can cause filling of gases in stomach after eating. This condition can put pressure on the surrounding organs and veins leading to stomach twist. Bloat in dogs is caused by

1. Rapid eating
2. Overeating
3. Nervousness
4. Stress
5. Dry foods
6. Foods which can cause irritation in GI tract

So, you should take your dog to vet if he is having foamy vomiting since last 24 hours.
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She's got worms. It might be tapeworms or the other one, (can't remember name). It's not roundworms which are very common in young pets. Go to a pet store and ask them for a med that's called 8 in 1. That should help her feel better. The screams are from pain, usually where their trying to come out of her butt. If you'd like to make sure, there's a way, but it's kinda Grosse. You need to hold a heat source, like a high wattage light at her butt for 2-4 minutes, and the heat will draw them out. Once you see one, then you'll know for sure. Good luck.

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