What Are Question Asked In Voice And Accent Round?


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This refers to accents that suit a particular country where someone may be working. These questions are typically associated with BPO industries. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing.  These are most commonly known as call centers and can serve several functions. Customers can call companies and seek help or guidance with a specific problem. These companies can also call customers directly to offer new services or products. One example of this is mobile phone providers calling to offer new handsets or upgrades to packages. Call centers can also phone potential customers to sell products or services to them. When call centers call people, rather than the other way around, it is known as cold calling.
     The reason that voice and accent questions are asked in an interview for these industries is because it is important what people sound like for the services they provide. People who call these companies need to be able to understand the person they are talking to on the phone. The companies associated with BPO look for neutrality of accent so that what is said comes across clearly to those listening. In interviews for such positions the interviewer is likely to try and find out what the interviewee's voice is like. This is obviously going to come across as the interview proceeds. They may try to find out how you relate to other people and if you are good at understanding a wide variety of accents. Employees are generally trained when they get a job so what is mainly necessary is a keen willingness to learn and to adapt. It is not likely that any particular qualifications would be needed it really depends on the individual and how they come across.
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1) self intro
2) speak for 2 mins about some topic
3) listen to the passage read by the interviewer and answer the questions on that passage
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Use less people

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Job interview tomorrow. So , i researched what to do sa interviews, analyzed the questions "tell me about yourself example"

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