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CPE Credits are Continuing Professional Education credits. These credits are needed for Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) for their license. The certified public accountants are provided with a certificate, which shows the format, title and area of the education, as well as the number of credits achieved. 50 minutes of professional education is equivalent to one credit. The accountants require the credits to show that they are knowledgeable about their industry and the developments therein.

Credits can be achieved through self-study, or by attending seminars and conferences. A file of CPE certificates is required to be kept as the CPA's State Board of Accountancy may view it at any time. This is to verify that the accountant in question has met the requirements.

There are a number of websites containing useful information on CPE Credits, one of which is "". This website provides information and over 150 online interactive CPE courses. In some cases, the number of credits for each course, or seminar attended does vary from state to state. Another website which contains some information and online courses is "". This website offers a free fully functional course that will earn the participant three CPE Credits. All courses on this website are delivered electronically within 24 hours of order and contain printable reference notes, course modules and you can also print the certificate showing the credits earned once each module is complete.

Some websites offer free webcasts that enable you to earn free credits. Once you have watched the live webcast you must answer a number of polls to receive your credits. The request for CPE credits must be made within 10 days of viewing the webcast. A couple of examples of websites that offer free webcasts are "" and "".
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CPA CPE credits are required for CPAs to ensure that they are knowledgeable about new developments in this industry. Continuing Professional Education is provided through firm seminars, webinars, online courses or self-study.
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CPE is the abbreviation for continuing professional education. Continuing professional education credit, which is abbreviated as CPE credit, is granted to each of the successful candidates of a CPE credit program and is based on an hour of instruction. In fact, each hour of instruction during the CPE credit program is a session of a duration of 50 minutes.

Each of the candidates who have enrolled themselves in ant of the CPE credit programs are entitled to one CPE credit for every 50 minutes of instruction. Therefore each of the candidates will earn eight credits for each full day of class that they attend, which is a total of eight CPE credits for 400 minutes (in other words, a duration of six hours and 40 minutes). Continuing professional education credit, which is abbreviated as CPE credit, is not automatically granted to any of the candidates. They must possess the certificate that states that they have successfully completed the courses.
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Free CPE credits are available via webcasts provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.  Just go to and register for any webcast series to begin receiving weekly announcements of all upcoming webcasts.

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