What Is A Field In A Database?


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A field in a database is where you keep a record of data. Each record can have more than one field and a field can have subordinate fields with related data in them.

Sometimes when you add fields, you will find that at a later stage you need more because you want to add more information. For example, you may have created a database with all your friend’s addresses but then decide you want to add other information like their birthdays too.

To do this, all you need to do is to open your database file in Microsoft Access and use the F11 key to open the database view. Click onto the ‘Tables’ tab and you will find that a list of tables will appear. Choose the table that you want and click ‘Open’.

Place your cursor in the field immediately before where you want your new field to appear. For example, if you have fields that are called Mickey, Minnie and Donald, and you want a new column between Mickey and Minnie, then place your cursor on Mickey.

Go to the ‘Insert’ menu and click on to ‘Column’ a new column will appear to the right of your cursor location and will be called Field 1. When you click onto that, a menu will appear. Click on ‘Rename’. The column will turn black and you will be able to add information to it. Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to save it.
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Fields are the columns in databases. They contain a piece of specific information from a record.
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A field is a data element that is an essential part of a data record. Without it, there would be no record in the database table. Records can have one or more fields, but usually have a minimum of two per record. Some fields have an unique data value and some do not. Usually, in a database table or datafile, the first data element in the record could be the primary key and any other data field(s) that follow should be subordinate to it. That means that the unique key owns the record, and any data field associated with it belongs to it.
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A field is a column name given that collectively related columns on your database i.e. (1 2 3 4 5 6...) will have a field name called "Number"
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A field is a ensemble of character define an entity or an object
and define also an attribute
like the name of student
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A category of information

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