What Does A Valid Email Mean?


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If a website asks a user to provide a valid email address, this means that it is necessary for an email to be given that is active and being used. Valid email addresses are often asked for during the process of signing up to a website or filling out an online form. In many cases an activation code or link will be sent to this valid email address and before the log in account can be created, it will be necessary to access the activation code through an email inbox. It is quick, easy and free to set up a valid email address. With so many providers available, the options are varied. The most popular email providers include Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

• Yahoo. Yahoo email accounts can be signed up for at Underneath the box that asks for log-in details there is an option to sign up for a new account. Users are required to fill out minimal personal details in order to gain access to an email address.

• Gmail. Available at, signing up is a similar process to Yahoo. Users can choose between a or .com address and have the option to use @googlemail or @gmail, both will work. The 'Create an Account' button will take users to the signing up page where they will be required to fill out a short form.

• Hotmail. Possibly the most popular email address provider, Hotmail email addresses can be accessed at In-boxes can be upgraded at a charge but the vast amount of space available for free is enough for most.

Any of the leading email address providers above, among many others, will allow users to create a free, valid email address for future use. When required, activation codes and links can be sent to this address for validation to gain successful access to other websites.
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An email ID, which exists.
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Correct email it means
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A valid email address is one that you can email to. It basically means an email id which is not fake or misspelled. You can also check an email is valid or not with the help of email verifier tools. There are several tests that are carried out to check emails such as SMTP check, MX check, Domain check, and many more.

If you want to read the process to check email then you can just take a look at "how email verification works" Here you will know in details about the email verifier tools.

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