What Happened To Dharma And Greg?


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But they stayed together. They were in an episode of Two and a half man deciding to buy a house, but they didn't.

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Dharma and Greg aired their last season in the year 2001-2002. The first episode of Dharma and Greg was aired in the year 1997. The 5th and the last season ended with a bang and a very interesting 2 hour season finale. This season finale has two parts. In the first part, Dharma and Greg try for the last time, to make peace between their parents who have always been like the opposite sides of a pole.

They argue over where to spend their vacation. Finally everyone agrees, with a little conflict and insults, to send the weekend at Montgomery's mountain chalet. In the second part, Dharma and Greg are stuck in a snowstorm. With just them ending the season, they talk bout how their diverse upbringing will after their attitudes as parents. So we at least know that Dharma and Greg had children even without it being aired.

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