What Does Virginia's Motto Mean?


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It's latin and it means "thus always be to tyrants" or like death to tyrants. It was also what john wilkes booth said on stage after he assassinated Lincoln. So he thought Lincoln was a tyrant and he killed him.
So yeah pretty much it means death to tyrants in the form that normal people understand.
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The motto of the State of Virginia is a Latin phrase which reads as 'Sic semper tyrannis'. It translates as "Thus always to tyrants" or even "Thus ever be to tyrants". An interesting fact to note is that it is also the motto which has been adopted by the USS Virginia.

This particular phrase was the one that George Mason suggested back in the year 1776 to the Virginia Convention. It has been is attributed to Brutus around the assassination of Julius Caesar.

The motto is relevant as the Seal taken by the Commonwealth of Virginia depicts Virtue, with her sword in hand, putting her foot down on the fallen form of Tyranny. Nearby you see the crown of Tyranny.

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