What Does The Song Come Drink The Wine Mean By Al Martino?


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Actually, the name of the song and the album is Come Share the Wine.
Al Martino (born 7th Oct, 1927) is an Italian-American actor and singer who has written and recorded the album. The European album is now available in the US.  The title 'Come share the Wine' has replaced the old title 'The Love of my life' which was actually the import title. With the release of the album in the US, it is now rechristened as 'Come Share the Wine.'  It will distributed by Beverly Hills Record Label. The album is due for release on April 27, 2003. Apart from the hit track 'Come Share the Wine,' there are also three of Al's all time hits-Spanish Eyes, I love you more and more everyday, and volare. You can hear all the tracks on www.rhapsody.comalmartino/comesharethewine .

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