I Feel Like Getting Married, But My Boyfriend Seems Uninterested Yet He Told Me That He Has Already Settled Down. What Shall I Do? What Does He Mean? He Got Me A Diamond Ring, But There's No Meaning To It.


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The first thing that should come to your mind when thinking of settling down is that marriage is not only for babies, marriage are for men and women. The Bible says that marriage is honourable and it's bed undefiled, but most people have turned down this scripture because of one problem or the other. My advice to you is that, you should be really sure if you're done with life, I mean you got as far as retiring - then that's when you should think of marriage. Make sure that your guy too is ready; that is, wanting to settle with you by all means - and if not, forget about it. It won't work.
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There's a lot to being committed in marriage and it's not really enough to feel like getting married. You probably mean that you have reached a stage where you would like to settle down and be committed to your partner but it doesn't sound as if he's reached that stage yet..  It doesn't sound as though he's ready for the marriage commitment and a diamond ring doesn't really mean a promise to marry. Perhaps he feels that being settled down to one girlfriend i.e you is all he needs at the moment to feel settled down. It sounds as though you need a long talk about your plans for the future and how you both see your relationship and where it's going. It doesn't sound as if it's at the right stage yet for a commitment from both of you.
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Maybe you'd want to settle down too. take some time and think through it. Maybe you're really not that ready yet or maybe there's another guy. Think about it.. deeply. and make sure that your choice is right. But of course, talk to your boyfriend first before you do anything. :)
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It sounds like he gave you a diamond as a peace offering to get you off his back. Is this correct? If you a serious about him, give the diamond back and tell him you are interested in seeing other people. He will see it two ways. 1) Oh No I'm going to loose the best thing in my life. 2) Oh Boy I get to see other girls. It's really just a test and it may hurt but you will better off in the long run. It's just advice take it or leave it.
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I'm sad to hear it. You just need to talk with him more seriously. There are so many people that struggles to find love and gays are one of them. At least dating apps can be a good way out. You can read the reviews about the best gay dating sites. I'm sure that you will be able to pick something good for yourself.

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Ask your boyfriend directly why he doesn't want to marry. If he gave a reason which you feel is correct, you should understand him. And if you feel that he is only passing his time......try to forget him..... all the best.

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