How Do You Type Minutes?


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Minutes basically are immediately written records of a particular meeting or hearing. During a meeting a particular individual is selected to write down the minutes.

Before the meeting starts; make sure that you distribute the agenda of the meeting so everyone is aware, and have a chance to prepare for the meeting. Make sure that you keep the minutes of the meeting as short as possible and to the point. If you want back up, try recording every word that was said. Normally minutes comprise of details like, time, date and the place selected for the meeting, names of people attending the meeting, name of people who are absent for the meeting, approval of the earlier meeting minutes, and any particular issues that have come up from those minutes. For every article in the agenda, a record of the main points discussed and the resolutions made should be there.

In the end it should also include time, date and the location for next meeting, followed by the name of the individual recording the minutes.
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How do you "close out" minutes? Do you use a "complimentary close" such as "Respectively submitted" or "Recording secretary" and your name under it.

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