What Is Mastication?


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Mastication, depsite sounding rude and a little perverse is actually something that we do on a very regular occasion. The word masticate actually means to chew, so mastication is the term used for chewing.

Chewing is biting food and grinding it in the mouth until it is small and soft enough to swallow.

A lot of people fail to chew their food enough and this becomes a problem because the stomach has to work very hard to digest food that has not been downsized and softened. This can lead to bloasted feelings and even stomach ache. It is especially important to chew meat as meat that is not digested, will be rotting in your stomach area. Protein is particularly in need of a great deal of chewing.

Holding your food in your mouth for longer whilst chewing also produced more saliva, a substance that aids in the chemical digestion of your food.
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