How Can I Read This Expiration Date?


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We know why you bought them. To smoke... As for the expiration date you can either call the 800 number on the box and give then the code you put in your question. Or you can call the store and thell them about it  and they can give you a refund
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With the information you  gave us  and no  store to ask,  I presume the cigarettes  were  manufactured  in September l949.     They have to be dry in order to burn and make smoke.
Maybe they weren't dry enough.   
It's  a privilege to ask questions and one shouldn't be ordered not to.   It's one way to
gain knowledge  instead of being ignorant.    And that doesn't mean you have to answer a
question.   Seesee
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Its not possible from that code, you need the carton to read it.
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Expiration dates are read by assigning the months to the code word BLACKORWHITE, this then gives you the month of production and has a shelf life of one year.

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