The Maker Doesn't Want In....the Buyer Doesn't Use It....the User Never Sees It........what Is It?


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This is a very clever little riddle, I've heard it also stated like this:

The man who makes it, doesn't make it for himself, the man who buys is doesn't want it, the man who uses it doesn't know he's using it.

Although this is a slightly more sexist version, I suppose you could substitite 'man' for 'person'.

The ANSWER to the riddle is a COFFIN:

The maker of the coffin makes it for others, the person who buys it most likely chooses it for someone else and the person who uses it is most likely dead, so they don't know that they are using it.

Some other fun riddles might include:

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Which five letter would sound the same if you remove the last four letters from it?
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Its a quiet tough question but I have say that its a coffin
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Coffin of course

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