What Does Reversible Mean?


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Can be changed back
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The term reversibility basically means capable of reversing or being reversed. Time reversibility on the whole is a characteristic of some stochastic methods and certain deterministic methods.

Assuming that a stochastic process is time reversible, hence it is not possible to determine, specifying the states at a number of points in time after starting the stochastic method. This is done to determine which state comes initially and which one comes afterwards. Assuming that a deterministic method is time reversible, subsequently the time-reversed procedure satisfies the identical dynamical equation as the initial procedure.

Time Reversal, mainly in the stream of acoustics, is a procedure by which the linearity of sound waves is applied to reverse a received signal. Later this signal is re-emitted and a brief firmness takes place resulting in a reverse of the original excitation waveform being emitted at the original base.

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