What Are The Importance Of Coordination?


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The answer to this question will depend on whether you are talking about the importance of coordination in the body (between limbs or eye to hand movement) or coordination of things such as events or people. For the purpose of this question the answer will be based on the assumption that we are talking about coordination within the body. In this instance, coordination is the harmonious functioning of your limbs, muscles, brain and senses when executing the body's movements and the ability to repeatedly execute movements smoothly and accurately. Coordination of some form is vital for everyday living and everything we do requires some form of coordination. For example, without coordination a human could not walk, this is because walking requires the coordination of your legs in sync with each other. Another example would be picking up food or drink, your eyes coordinate your hands to the object allowing you to perform tasks, without coordination these simple tasks would be almost impossible to do. If you were not able to feed yourself, as an example, then you would die, so coordination is vital for life. By typing the question you have asked you needed to use coordination to place your fingers on the correct keys, your eyes telling your brain and your brain telling your fingers what to do. For some people, their ability to coordinate well, or in an above average way, is vital for their careers. For example, a professional tennis player would need good coordination to judge the movement of the tennis ball and his racket to hit the ball well. A runner would need to perfectly coordinate his or her legs to be able to get the most out of the body to win races and drummers would need to coordinate their hands and feet to a perfect rhythm in order to play the instrument well.
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Coordination is the process in which different people or things work together to attain specific goals or aims. In businesses, coordination is very necessary because all businesses have some goals and to attain those goals a strong interaction and mutual understanding is very necessary. Coordination is the way through which people can be made to work together and to cooperate with each other to attain the final aims of the organization. Coordination also reduces the conflicts among the people because of the of understanding. Coordination also makes the people to move equally for attaining objectives and it increases the capability of the people to solve the problems. Therefore, coordination among the employees and the upper and lower management is considered very important within an organization.
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Coordination is important for any orgnisation because many activity takes place ,so making unity in efforts of all actions , this is mandatory to coordinate all.

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