What Does The Name Medusa Mean?


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Medusa is a name conferred upon a girl. It is derived from the Greek word "medomai" which means "to play or to contrive." Myth has it that that it was the name of one of the three Gorgons or repulsive looking women with snakes as locks of hair. She was so powerful and dreaded that anyone on whom she cast her eyes, would turn to stone. She was slain only when the Greek mythical hero Perseus looked at her reflection in his shield to kill her.

Though the name has a bad mythical reputation, people in modern times have taken a softened approach to the name because it sounds pleasant and feminine. Though the name is used rarely, Medusa is an uncrowned feminist icon. Also one should be reminded that Medusa was once a beautiful lady in the beginning, and hence the girl who has this name is assumed to be truly beautiful deep within.

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