What Does The Name Leopard Mean?


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The name leopard is derived from the Greek and Latin term leo and pard which mean lion and panther. The leopard is one of the big four cats from the species Pathera.

Initially leopard was thought to be a hybrid amid a lion and a panther. The leopard is said to be the fourth largest "big cat" after jaguar, lion and tiger. The average size of a leopard is anywhere between one to two metres in length and they weigh approximately 30 to 70 kg. Females are usually two third the size of males.

Leopards are well known for their capability to go unnoticed; they are excellent at climbing trees and can even descend headfirst. The basic diet of the leopard comprises of monkeys, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, wild pigs, etc, depending upon what is available.
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A Leopard is a large, fierce feline native to Africa and South Asia. A leopard can also be used to call any of the various feline creatures like the cheetah. The fur of such an animal is also called by the same name.

The leopard is a carnivorous cat, differing from a New World Jaguar by its rings which have spots inside them. Black leopards are often called as panthers, which is often a blanket term used to describe all leopards.

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Leopard mean A Lion in side view, having one forepaw raised and the head facing the observer.
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Leopard mean A large ferocious cat [Panthera pardus] of Africa and southern Asia,having either tawny fur with dark rosettelike markings or black fur.

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