What Is A Master Page?


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The term master page is defined as one of the main features in a software program that enables the users to design their own page layouts and also to specify the text which is repeating and the graphic elements which will appear on the pages of a publication.

A master page is basically defined as a non-printing page. It contains the information about the layout of the page which will be used n the creation of body pages. This feature is commonly found within a software program which is used to design the layout of a page. It enables the users to create the layouts of the pages quickly and conveniently.

A guide which contains instructions on any of the elements of printing or non-printing will appear on all the pages of the elements. It is considered wise to position any elements which are repeated, such as the numbers of the pages, once on master pages instead of doing so over and over again on each of the individual pages of the publication.

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