What Is The Meaning Of Production Management In The Context Of International Business ?


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Meaning of production management
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It is the process of planning,organising, directing, and controlling the activities of production
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The term production management is defined as the job of coordinating and controlling all the activities which are required to make the product. The term production management is also used in the context of the management of theatrical productions. In this context, the term production management is defined as a sub-division of stagecraft.

The production management team often consists of a production manager, who is responsible for realising the vision of the producer, the director and the choreographer of the theatrical production and also for the overall coordination of the activities of the members of the production management team, and any number of people who work as assistants to the production manager.

Their main activity is to coordinate the various sub-disciplines, such as the scenic, the wardrobe, the lighting, the sound, etc. which are involved in any large theatrical presentation. Another activity of the production management team is to oversee the work of the stage management team.

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