Is Crying A Sin?


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There are some patriarch-centric cultures which perpetuate the idea that crying is not "manly". But crying has numerous nuances in every society. But a "sin"? Thou shalt not cry??? Hmmm. Crying is like laughing - they both have psychological and physiological benefits. Crying cleanses. If it is a "sin" - disobedience to God - then
I for one have got a whole heck of a lot of forgiveness to ask for!  
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Jesus cried when his friend, Lazarus, died.  No, it is not a sin.
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No its not!
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Crying, when used for manipulation such as invoking pity from others and self pity make it sinful.  Use your head. By's!

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It depends on your religion. In my religion, crying may be a quite normal emotional response, a manipulation, an embarrassment, or self-indulgence, but not a sin.
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Crying is acceptable when one sticks a vinegar covered rusty nail in their eye and at no other time. The bible was edited to remove this as being the true cause of Jesus's blubbering.sorry was this a serious question? Indeed, is this a question?
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Crying is a normal human emotion and is Good for the soul, like Specialann said.
The shortest verse in the Bible says "JESUS Wept". WOW. Powerful 2 words.

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