What Is 'Photobucket'?


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Amit Singh answered is a free and easy image hosting software and online photo album for uploading pictures and sharing of photos. It is both illegal and unethical to get someone's photobucket email ID or password unless he or she is kind (or stupid) enough to give it to you. However if you are not able to log in to your Photobucket, we can certainly help. Bear in mind that the online Photobucket album and Photobucket message board are two distinct things and one need to register separately for the two.

  For registering, you need to go to the Photobucket album page or message board and fill in your details for registering. You will soon get a registration mail. In case, you have problems logging in, or if you have forgotten your User Id and password, you can go this page: . Bear in mind, that if you try six times in the row without success, your account is temporarily disabled and you have no option but to retrieve your password by going to the aforementioned page.
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If my computer crashes will I still be able to retrieve my photos from photobucket on another computer
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Photobucket is a website which allows users to share their photos and create sideshows, and is an image and video hosting website. Users can create personal photo albums, and the site also stores avatars and videos. MySpace, Facebook, eBay and other blogging and journal sites often use Photobucket to allow users to create their own backgrounds (this applies mostly to MySpace) and for other uses.

In 2005, Photobucket was named the fastest growing site of that year. The site has recently altered things slightly, so that descriptions, names, and sizes of images can be changed when the thumbnail is clicked.

The site offers 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of bandwidth for free, and 10 GB of storage for a paid account and also unlimited bandwidth with a paid account.

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