What Does The Name Lennox Mean?


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Lennox is the name conferred upon a boy. It is pronounced as LEN-iks. The name has a Gaelic and Scottish origin, meaning "with many elm trees." Lennox has one variant form, "Lenox." The name is a popular surname but a rarely used male first name.

With its roots in Scottish culture, the name Lennox brings a quality of pride, self-respect, valour and chivalry in the mind of people. Person who sport the Lennox surname are fiercely talented according to name analysts. Lennox is the name of a Scottish nobleman who appeared in Shakespeare's Macbeth. Annie Lennox is a famous singer, born in Aberdeen Scotland with an Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe and a Brit award in her kitty. She is also known as the "Greatest White Soul Singer alive."
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The Lennox is an area in Scotland with Loch Lomond at its heart. It was an important earldom in mediaeval times. Lennox became a surname in two ways; in noble families who at various times held the earldom and more generally among people who had once lived there and who had moved further afield. In a time when few people had surnames, describing a newcomer as "of Lennox" or "a'Lennox" made it clearer to whom you were referring. Another popular custom in Scots names was the preservation of a mother's maiden name by giving it to one or more of her children as a middle name. Frequently this was then used as a forename particularly by the eldest son. In this way common Scots surnames like Craig, Bruce and Douglas have become even commoner forenames. Lennox has undergone the same transformation, from placename to surname to forename.
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Lennox is a masculine name and is pronounced as LEN-iks. The origin of the name Lennox is Scottish and Gaelic. The literal meaning of the name is "with many elm trees". Lennox has only one variant form, Lenox. Lennox is a very rare male name and a very popular surname in Scotland and other countries.

Lennox was the name of an influential aristocratic landowning family in Scotland in the 16th century. Also, Lennox appears in Shakespear's "Mcbeth" as a Scottish nobleman.

Many eminent personalities also have the Lennox as their first or last name. Some of them are Lennox Lewis; professional boxer and Annie Lennon.

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