100 Grams Of Yogurt Equals How Many Cups?


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This would usually be a very difficult question to answer, due to the fact that a gram is a measurement of weight, while a cup is a measurement of volume. In order to calculate the answer, it would normally be necessary to weigh the specific ingredient using a cup as the container, and filling it until it reached the required weight.

  • Sound like a lot of hard work to go to just to measure some yogurt?
Then you're in luck, thankfully someone has already taken the time to do this for us, as according to a British website which features a conversion table displaying various ingredients and their conversions from US cups to grams, using the conversion scale it states that one cup of yogurt equals 250 grams in weight.

Therefore, it is possible to determine that half a cup of yogurt will equate to 125 grams, so we can safely say that 100 grams of yogurt is approximately half way between a quarter of a cup and half a cup. 0.25 cup yogurt in grams would be approximately 62.5 grams.

When it comes to ingredients such as yogurt then an estimation like this is ample, the negligible amount you may go over or under will make no difference to a recipe.

  • What is a cup?
A cup is a well known and well used method of measuring volume in cooking. In the United States a measuring cup is a unit of measurement used to measure the volume of a liquid ingredient or other cooking ingredients like sugar and flour.

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