What Does The Name "Dumas" Mean?


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Dumas is a surname whose origin is unknown. One of the most famous bearers of this surname, or rather the person who made the surname popular was Alexandre Dumas. He was the son of Thomas Alexandre Dumas who was distinguished as a brave and daring general in the French Revolution.

He was the author of the classic adventure novel: The Three Musketeers in the year 1884. Dumas also wrote other famous stories which are still read voraciously like "The Count of Monte Cristo (1845)," Twenty Years After (1845) and the Black Tulip (1850) among numerous other landmark literatures in French

Alexandre Dumas was also ill-reputed for his extravagant life and irresponsible squandering of wealth. His reckless spending led to his downfall as he spent his last days on monetary assistance from his illegitimate son Alexandre Dumas-the Younger.

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