What Does Rhyme Mean?


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Just an entertaining way of writing poems. It has the sam few last letters. Example : Honey and Bunny rhyme. They do not need to necessarily have the same spelling , but their endings should sound the same.
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Rhyme means the words that sound the same  for example
like cat and fat.



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It means two or more words that have the same first and last letter and different middle letters like...
Fun and sun rhyme
passion and fashion
or done and run do not end the same but they still rhyme
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Rhyme means when 2 words end with the same sound. For example:
My family has a cat,
he's really, really fat,
he sat on daddy's hat, now daddy's hat is flat.
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A rhyme is basically considered to be something like a repetition of indistinguishable or analogous incurable sounds in two or more dissimilar language and is mainly time and again used in poetry. This word is derived from the Old French word rime, which comes form the Old Frankish language *ri:m, a Germanic term, which means "series, sequence". This spelling came into existence during the period that was considered to be the Modern English period. A difference connecting the spellings is also at times ended in the learning of linguistics and phonology, where rime/rhyme is used to submit to the nucleus and coda of a syllable.

The most well-known to the point explanation in English on rhyme are John Milton's foreword to Paradise Lost.
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