Why in the world would people name their children Abcde, Neveah, and other over the top names?


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Because they like so. It's called, individual preference, personal choice, and own business.

And i don't really think there's anything such a "top name" , who qualified to clarify such matter ?

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People can be idiots. How does one rationalize naming a child so capriciously as to sentence a baby to a lifetime of correcting others, or being mocked by them? That's a conversation I'd like to sit in on. That said, I recently met a delightful young lad named Chunk -his given name- and the odd moniker was particularly befitting to him. I surmise that in some cases, the kid grows into a name.

'Nevaeh', I "get", it's heaven spelled backward; it's a lovely thought, and its pretty to say.

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"Apotaleaholla" nickname Pot.

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I guess they like those names.  Personally, I wouldn't want to saddle my child with a name no one can spell or pronounce. 

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a family buy me named one of their kid tornado and their baby isis yes beleive it or not their nuts

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Phoebe Mertens
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Whats worse is naming your baby Hitler or Osama!

Isis used to be a goddess before the whole terrorist group started.

But Tornado? *facepalm*

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