What Does Nativity Mean?


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Simply speaking, nativity is the general time and place of an individual's birth and early years. The term nativity bears a strong influence in Christianity. In fact the nativity of Jesus Christ is referred to as The Nativity.

You will find the term 'nativity' in the two books of Bible, Matthew and Luke. In fact, the years before his birth are recorded as B.C (Before Christ) and the years after his birth is known as A.D. (Anno Domini). The Latin phrase 'Anno Domini' means 'in the year of the Lord.'

One can also attribute the term 'nativity' to specify things like the native place, language, ethnic background, cultural background, environment etc in which a person has been born and brought up, especially in the initial few years of his or her life. The horoscope presented at the time of the birth is also known as 'nativity
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The word nativity is used in Christian belief to refer to the birth of Jesus as mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible. "The Nativity" is the central event in the festival of Christmas. Many schools still put on a "Nativity play" at Christmas. This depicts the story, in which Mary and Joseph arrive at an inn, find there is no room and go to sleep in the stable, where the baby Jesus is born. Meanwhile three shepherds and three kings or wise men arrive, guided by a miraculous star, to witness the birth and bring gifts for the baby. Some people even buy "Nativity sets" as Christmas decorations; these show the scene with the baby Jesus, shepherds etc.

Nativity originally just meant "birth" (from the Latin nativus) but acquired this special religious meaning over time.
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It mean one birth

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