What Is The Difference Between Cabin Crew And Air Hostess?


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The price of your ticket. lol.
They are the same, just one's a more fancy term.

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They are both there to stop you escaping. (That's why they stand by the doors when you are boarding).  I did try to start an escape tunnel once, behind row 14 on a Virgin Atlantic 747, but I was discovered and plied with cheap champagne to persuade me to stop.

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The first time I tried that joke (or actually, a better variant of it), it was to a BA stewardess who had a mouthful of water at the time which she promptly sprayed over all of us. She then rushed to the front of the plane, and I didn't see her at all for the rest of the flight. When I disembarked, she was standing in line to say goodbye to leaving customers - except to me. "I want to kill you" was what she said to me - but she was grinning wildly at the time, and I am still alive.

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