Can you translate this phrase into your mother tongue? "Art is not a thing ; it s a way"?


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קונסט איז ניט אַ זאַך; עס s אַ וועג.

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Bradley Lomax answered

It's been a while but here it goes 01000001011100100111010000100000011010010111001100100000011011

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Kurehumaky echeh nooneve ei gothekeve(Maldives)

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Hmmmmm ... I haven't used it in so long ... But I believe it's:

aunel ui ti vi youwe, coi ui vi idol

Well, that's as close as possible, using an English keyboard.

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L'arte non è una cosa, è un modo

"way" sounds a bit vague though, so you might want to say "modo di essere" which means "way of being" (the equivalent of the English phrase "way of life" I guess).

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