What are your thoughts on the names Arrietty and Ariel?


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Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Not too enthused with Arrietty but I do like the name : Ariel. I think it's a nice name.

Matt Radiance Profile
Matt Radiance answered

Not sure about Arrietty, it sounds a bit difficult to pronounce not so bad but a bit doubtful about it.

But i like Ariel more, the pronunciation is more stylish & the name sounds pretty.

dragonfly forty-six Profile

I don't like either. I was around after Little Mermaid came out and it seemed that a lot of people were naming their kid Ariel. An "a" name that I like is Aria.

Moga Deet Profile
Moga Deet answered

There is an economist who writes a column for the Wall Street Journal named Dan Arietty.  It sounds like a last name.  Not sure about naming a child after a Disney character.

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