What Is Feasibility?


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Feasibility is something that can be obtained that might be almost out of your reach or you think might be out of your reach. Lets say that you need a 1000 dollars for a car that you want. With all the money that you have coming in seems to be going out just as fast as it is coming in for rent, books for school, food, transportation, and what little that you have left over for personal needs. Now you come up with a goal that in four months you will have that 1000 dollars. Right now it does not seem to be obtainable but if mom and dad send that birthday gift of 100 dollars and you get a ride from a friend to and from school because he/she is in most of the same classes that you are in and you start getting assistance from the state for food you will be able to do it and have that 1000 dollars for that new used car that you want. All of this makes it a possibility or feasible.

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