What Is The Advantage To Having Binocular Vision?


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For better visual acuity And visual field
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Humans and some other mammals such as primates and large predators such as cats and bears have binocular vision. This means,  basically, that our eyes are both in the front of our head so that the field of vision seen by each eye is similar but not identical.

The brain uses the two images to blend in so that we only see one but this blending enables us to judge distance very accurately. This is very important for primates when they jump between tree branches and for big cats when they lunge to catch antelope running at speeds of over 50 miles per hour.

Predators often have their two eyes placed centrally to maximise the overlap of retinal image to give them the best stereoscopic vision possible. Prey species, on the other hand, tend to have eyes on the sides of their heads. They can't judge distances, but they can see predators coming from any angle.

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