What Does 'Guilty Pleasure' Mean?


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A guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy despite feeling slightly bad about it - in other words, something that you shouldn't like, but like anyway.

Guilty pleasures are usually relatively harmless things that don't tend to have a negative effect on anybody else; in fact, the "guilt" is usually just a fear of somebody else finding out, as guilty pleasures tend to be mildly embarrassing.

Examples of Guilty Pleasures
  • Singing along to Justin Bieber in the car
  • Staying in your pajamas all day
  • Liking Twilight
  • Enjoying a really cheesy movie
  • Singing loudly in the shower
  • Buying a One Direction CD
  • Watching re-runs of the TV shows you enjoyed as a kid
  • Reading trashy novels
  • Ordering pizza for one because you don't feel like cooking

The term "guilty pleasure" is usually used in a light-hearted, jokey kind of way. It usually describes something trivial and unimportant - if someone indulged in the occasional cocaine binge, that wouldn't really be considered a guilty pleasure, even if they enjoyed it and felt guilty afterwards.
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A Guilty Pleasures is something one enjoys despite feeling guilt about it. Something that you shouldn't like, but like anyway. For example, everyone knows that smoking is not a good thing for health, it damages/disturbs the human inner body system,but people are smoking to enjoy,or as a fashion, etc.
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We seem to use this phrase a lot these days. It's an odd one if you think about it, since "guilt" really means a sense or awareness of doing wrong, whereas "pleasure" means a sensation of happiness, enjoyment etc.

We tend to use the phrase a bit jokingly, to talk about quite trivial things. For instance, someone who is on a strict diet might feel a guilty pleasure in eating a big cake: pleasure in eating the cake, but guilty because she (it's usually a she in this case) has not been strict with herself and stuck to her regime - she feels she's been weak.

Some religious communities such as the 17th century Puritans have come close to saying that almost all pleasure is guilty - if you're enjoying yourself too much, then your mind is on earth and not heaven. However, not many people would go as far as that.
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Unfortunately, in today's hectic world this expression has begun to take on a new dimension in that many people now consider taking time out for themselves or spoiling themselves a little as a "guilty pleasure" when, in fact, this kind of activity actually constitutes a highly sensible approach to combating the stresses and strains of modern life by taking care of one's physical and emotional health.
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"...not many people would go as far as that." Including Puritans, who enjoyed life. This enjoyment also involved marital sex. A Puritan was normally passionate about his or her spouse. Those big families came from somewhere.
The rest of their enjoyment also was of the mental kind. They read and researched. And when they wrote, they did not rely on stereotypes to inform others.
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Guilty pleasure to me means doing something that feels good at the time but you know in some way it is wrong.

The pleasure will last only a moment or two, however guilt tends to last a lifetime!
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Oh, there's a song called "Guilt Pleasure'' by, Cobra Starship. They're a really good band, I saw them in concert. You should listen to it ;) Good Luck!

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