What Does Scuttle The Ship Mean?


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Scuttling the ship is the act of deliberately sinking it by allowing water to flow into the hull. There are several ways to scuttle a ship like including valves and hatches that open in the sea, use explosives that would create holes in the hull and so on. It is done for several reasons like disposing an old vessel or ship, an act of self-destruction to save it from foes and enemies, obstruct a channel or harbour or to endow with an artificial reef for divers and mariners.

Recently there has been a phenomenon where the owners of the ships themselves scuttled the ship for various reasons. It was called as scuttling fraud. By this they were able to claim insurance for the hull and the cargo. According to research, experts are of the opinion that a scuttling fraud is usually committed in a situation wherein a ship has completed or is about to complete its economic life. The owners of ships who arrange for the scuttling of their own ships pay their crew to commit such an act.

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