What is the difference between a CV and a Resume, and what workforces require which?


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Resume ( pr : Resumay ) is a French word meaning summary. Actually it is a summary of a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and thus shorter than a CV.

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Most people do
not know the difference between Curriculum Vitae and Resume. But there are
three major differences between them. And the differences are:




Basically, a
resume is the brief summary of your skills and experience. On the other hand, a
Curriculum Vitae is the detailed and stretched format.  Both play a
significant role in the process of landing a good job. The resume is something
that you are going to need to secure a job interview and land a job as well. If
you need a well-designed resume, then you can seek the help of Monster India
that offers excellent resume writing services.

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A-  The main difference between a CV and resume is CV is for fresher while the resume is for experienced professionals. CV contains skills what you have learned during your education whereas resume contains skills which you have gained from your jobs. Chances of getting hired by an organization are focused on keywords, which you have to show it on your CV  Writing Services or resume. And this is mostly covered by job portals where they provide

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