What is Keralis outro song?


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The track used by Keralis as the outro song at her concerts is called 'Zombi' and is by Vudvuzela (pictured below), a Swedish dubstep musician based in Los Angeles. Vudvuzela's real name is David MÃ¥rtensson.

The song originally appeared on the 'Zombi' EP, released on November 28th 2012 by Adapted Records, along with 2 other tracks, 'Silly' and 'Bob Your Head.'

There's more coming soon from Vudvuzela, as on December 9th 2014, he announced he was in Hollywood, creating a new "sample-pack and video," using looped drum samples, weird fx and organic textures.

When not making music, Vudvuzela enjoys walking in the hills, hanging out by the pool with his friends, science-fiction films and playing with cat, Franco.

Read more about outros at What Does An Outro In Music Mean? or watch Vudvuzela as he describes his first week in LA:

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