What Does Plenum Space Mean?


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Technically plenum space is any enclosed space in a building that is used for airflow. Usually when people are talking about this space, they are talking about it in regards to it being a fire hazard.

Since there is airflow (oxygen, etc.) in this area and it connects different parts of a building, any fire starting in the plenum space could quickly threaten the entire structure. For this reason there are strict codes on the specifications for cables running through these areas. By the way, cables themselves aren't likely to combust, but plenum-rated cables are not prone to spread fire in the event that one is started.

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A plenum space is a space or an enclosure inside which air or another gas is pressurised at a degree which is higher than that of the atmospheric pressure outside the enclosure.

A plenum space may also simply refer to a space that is completely filled with matter. It is the complete opposite of a vacuum as it is a completely filled space with positive pressure.

In a structure, plenum space is the space that exists in the middle of the actual ceiling and the dropped ceiling, which is frequently made use of as an air duct for heating and cooling purposes. This space also consists of electric, telephone and network cables and wires.

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