What Are 10 Disadvantages Of File Based Approach?


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1) Security Problems- explicit programming required
2) Integrity Problems- rules needed to be programmed explicitly
3) Concurrent access anomalies- multiple access of same file in case of multiple user system
4) Data Isolation- related data required by different programs of same application may resides in diff isolated files
5) Unanticipated queries- handling sudden queries can be difficult
6) Data redundancy
7) Data inconsistency
8) Duplication of data
9) No standardized control over organization of files
10) No standardized control over structure of files
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In file based approach you need to maintain distinct files of every department where as in DBMS the whole data is located at a single place. It means anyone can access the data anywhere if have the required privileges.
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Well, the one file hosting service I use doesn't really fall under these issues, as it provides infinite storage, file management that is encrypted for security. Also, I can easily upload 5GB per file without having to think about how long it will take me to do so. I advise you to read more about that one.

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The  file based suffers from redundant data and inconsistent data also it has poor data integrity. It has no Primary key and multipart fields. The Relational Database has none of these problems

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