What Does Nervous Mean?


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The word nervous means easily agitated. It is often associated with hasty bodily movements. The synonyms of the word nervous are anxious, edgy, worried, jumpy, panicky, tense and uneasy. Calm is the antonym of the word nervous. An anxious or nervous person is unable to control his tension, and often also causes others to worry or feel concerned. A nervous person is one who causes or is fraught with or shows anxiety or nervousness.

Nervous also means of or something which relates of the nervous system of the body. A nervous person is also said to be aflutter, which means excited in anticipation (of something or someone) or skittish, which is defined as unpredictable excitable. The word skittish is often associated with the behaviour of horses.

The study of the nervous system is known as neurology and the doctor who specialises in disorders that affect the nervous system is known as a neurologist.
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Anything that refers to our nervous system can be associated with nervous ^^ hehehe

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