What Are Some Haitian Boys' Names?


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If you're looking for boys' names that represent the Haitian-Creole identity, something like Jan Jak is really authentic.

It's a Haitian-version of the more common French name Jean-Jacques (pronounced in much the same way as Jan Jak, but spelled differently).

Haitian names for your baby boy
Other French names that are very popular in Haiti are the following:

  • Leandre
  • Osse
  • Eliasen
  • Jonassaint
  • Jonasen
Haitians also love double-barrelled first names, which means that first names like Jean-Pierre, Jean-Paul, Pierre-Phillipe, Pierre-Alexandre, and Jean-François are really common.

If you're looking to name your little boy after a Haitian celebrity, the most obvious choice would be Wyclef Jeanelle Jean, who is a hip-hop artist who found international fame with the US-based group The Fugees.
The origin of Haitian boys names
Haitian names are really great, because they take their influence from all the different cultures that have settled on the exotic Caribbean island over the centuries. 

As well as French colonizers, traces of all the following nationalities can be found in Haitian culture, history, and even in boys' names:

  • Spanish
  • African
  • Arabic
  • Taino
  • English

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