Why Is NY Called The Big Apple?


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It was a promotional campaign that is responsible for New York being famous as the Big Apple. The campaign was started by New York Convention and Visitors Bureau. The earlier origin of the concept is not clear.

One explanation that New York Historical Society provides is that it is popularized by John Fitzgerald, who used the term in a column of horse racing in New York Morning Telegraph in the year 1921. They go further back with the explanation of the word that the same columnist used it in his column on February 18, 1924.

The concept was to project the city as a dream of every one. The Big Apple is the dream of every horse rider who has ever been on a horse. And this way they projected the city as a dream destination.
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In the late 1920s and early 1930s, New York City's jazz musicians began referring to New York City as the "Big Apple." An old saying in show business was "There are many apples on the tree, but only one Big Apple." New York City being the premier place to perform was referred to as the Big Apple. Sometimes I think it's because it's the PITS and rotten to the core with corruption.
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Because New York is proud to apples.
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It is called the big apple because it is one of the largest cities of the world and is crowded w/ people like iron would in an apple and is as fruity as an apple because of the fruity tits and asses of the gals there ;)

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