My name is Hirushi, how do I write my name in Korean letters?


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I don't know if you can see this, but the closest thing I can come up with is 힐웃히. I'm guessing your name is pronounced or said like: Hi-ru-shi, right? But in this translation, your name would actually be said more similarly to: Hir-us-hi.

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Did I follow you on the old blurtit?? Like your old name you stated sounds familiar!
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You mean my username Myuu? Well I had a lot of followers in the old Blurtit (over 400) so you could have been following me. What was your old name?
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LOL erm (Addilynn-All-Star) the crazy ninja, westlife fanatic! 8) I always remember that's why I ask.
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A spelling that might get closer to the Japanese pronunciation might be 히루치 which will pronounce as hi-ru-chi.  But I'm hardly an expert on Korean.

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