What is Denial of Service?


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A Denial of Service is commonly known as DoS and refers to the Denial of Service attack on the internet affecting a computer or laptop.

A DoS can potentially harm your machine and shut down your computer or network so that it remains inaccessible to you. This is a very dangerous form of attack and can leave you without access to your internet or normal computer services.

Many large corporations find themselves prone to DoS as the attackers mainly target high profile individuals or large profitable companies to get access to sensitive information.

DoS attacks normally consist of two forms which are the flooding of services and the crashing of services.  Flood attacks can happen when there is too much traffic and the attacker issues the DoS to tap into the network. A crashing attack can happen when the DoS attacks multiple functions and makes the system crash.

DoS attacks are illegal and can result in harm in profits to companies and individuals.

There are a number of preventative software available if you have experienced a DoS or want to ensure that you are protected against it. If you are worried about your company or institution experiencing a DoS you could download the Prolexic software to protect your system. You can find more information or download it from this website: www.prolexic.com/why-prolexic-best-dos-and-ddos-protection.h

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