Is Manipulation Always A Bad Thing?


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Always bad, always wrong and always a selfish way for people to try and get what they want...I hate manipulative people.... I think they are weak and just use others because they don't know
how to communicate and furthermore don'y care about anyone exept themselves....don't forget that they are liars too.
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Manipulation of facts and figure is good only if it done for the welfare of other person and done without hurting anyone's interest.
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Yes, always expecially if they find out and take it the wrong way. : ) ha!...sort of because you may have gotten them to make a decision they would not of made by their own freewill. Now if you can do it without getting any of the blowback and it actually made their life a 100 times better than it was then i would have a hard time saying it was a bad thing.for example: Say i send someone to a interview they would have never went to and they end up getting a job where they earn triple the pay they were earning before for almost the same identical job they were doing before somewhere else.sort of like being in the right place at the right time with the right skills. God has a way of manipulating/ordering your steps if you will in order to do this without you realizing it until you learn to look back at the situation and realize it was for the best. This is my story and i am sticking to it.
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Yes, always, even if it does mean that you get what you want. One of my best friends has four brothers and one sister, and she grew up to be the most manipulative woman I have ever met. OTOH, she runs a successful business, so there are benefits!
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Penny Kay
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I believed in praising my child when he was doing the right things. I had a motive. I was pleased of course, when he was being good, but I wanted him to learn that positive behavior has its rewards, I might consider that a form of manipulation. However, Children generally want to please their parents, and I believe that it helped him to recognize good vs. Bad. That is a form of manipulation. Of course I also taught him that you don't always get rewarded for good behavior, sometimes its expected.
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Pretty much so, yes as I cant even think of a scenario where manipulation is ever good

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