Acquaintances are a dime a dozen, but a true friend is?


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A true friend is forever! There is an old saying "Any time. Any place. Any where.". That pretty much sums it up.
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I believe a true friend is someone who is there for you any time you need them. Not matter how bad life is, they're there for you. I read a quote once that said "a true friend is one who will wake up at 3 am to help you bury a body" weird, I know, but it's a great way to explain how much a friend would do to help you.
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Priceless...unless that friend is me. (See the last name. Dumb joke, but couldn't resist)

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Yo Kass
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Well if you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas please send me a message to my inbox :) It's still a work in progress, we're growing day by day with the help of you guys - so it's all much appreciated!
Ray Ottewell
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Nice to meet you, to meet you nice. I'm sure I will like it. Just looking around a bit for now.
Natalie Jo Price
Kass..thank you so kindly for those words! This is the first I saw this. I truly appreciate an intuitive person
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A four-legged one as a dog is a girl's best friend - loyal, faithful, companionable and has unconditional love.

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