Where Can I Find Pratice Test For Gun Permit?


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It is possible to find a range of practise tests for gun permits online at These practise tests allow individuals to revise their knowledge of the laws and requirements of gun permits before they sit their official gun permit exam.

Revising for the test is essential to avoid failing, something that can incur unnecessary extra costs to retake. This particular website offers practise tests for both the restricted and non-restricted gun permits. With over 200 questions included in each pack, there are plenty of opportunities to improve skills and build up the knowledge required to pass the final exams.

These exams typically only needed to be taken by those hoping to obtain a firearm within Canada. Once you have passed the exam, you are then able to make an application for a gun permit.

  • After you have completed the gun permit course, you will need to contact the Royal Mounted Canadian Police for an application form. This form can be downloaded from the RMCP website or sent in the post if requested over the phone.
  • The application form that you receive will require a number of personal details. It is a long and detailed process and will take quite a bit of time. The information that you will need to give with include details about yourself, your criminal record, any spouses you have or have had and must include two personal references. These references must have known you for at least three years. You, your spouse and the references will need to sign the form before it is sent off. The photo of yourself that you provide will have to be signed by a referee to prove that it is in fact you.

  • This application form will then need to be sent off along with the document proof that you have completed the gun permit course and passed the relevant exams. You will also need to include a check for the amount of the permit.
Practice tests for the gun permit exam can be found online. Completing the exam makes you eligible to apply for a gun permit.

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