What Does An Animal Mask Mean When Someone Wears It In Africa?


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The wearing of animal masks generally happens when they perform ritual ceremonies. The ceremonies themselves usually depict spirits of ancestors, mythological beings, animal spirits or other beings that they believe hold power over humans.

The masks themselves are usually either of human acestors or "totem" ancestors, which are masks of either other beings or animals that a particular family or clan trace their roots back to. They are often objects of pride for the family. If the mask itself is believed to house the spirit itself that it represents, the mask may be honoured with ceremonies or gifts directly.
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Seeing is the proof, the wearer of the animal mask is representing that animal and by mimicking the actions & movement would have the tribe assembled to believe the are watching the animals plans for the upcoming year. That animal has special meaning or connection to that group of people for their origin or protection from that animal.

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