If someone says you have a lot of potential...would you take it to mean under achiever?


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Could go both ways in that you may be holding back from the level of achievement that you could possibly be at here so in a way you could be seen as a under achiever but I see it as someone who isn't living up to their full life fullfillment yet
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"There's no heavier burden than a great potential."  --Linus (from Peanuts)

It means someone feels you are capable of great things. It probably also means that they don't believe you have achieved great things, yet. In that sense, they probably judge you to have achieved less than your full potential.

Most people never do achieve their full potential. Some lack the vision of what that might be; some have seen it and elect not to go there. Some are so busy standing in their own way that they couldn't see it with a map and a guide.
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Kiara Harris
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My art teacher put as a comment on my art assesment...you have great potential....
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In that context, I'd say it means that continued development of your art skill would not be a waste of time, and that you could have future doing art, if that is what you want.
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Ok thankyou
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What others think about you will not matter , but what you think about yourself do

so what are you an achiever or under achiever ?
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No, they're telling you that you can achieve in life, and be what ever you want and get what you want with your potential.

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