What Does Scope In Telescope Mean?


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The word telescope is derived from two Greek words, namely the word tele, which means far and the word skopein, which is a verb which means to look or to see. It is called teleskopos in Greek, which means far-seeing. In other words, a telescope is defined as an instrument which is designed for the observation of remote objects.

The term telescope generally refers to optical telescopes, but there are telescopes for most of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. In addition to this, there are also telescopes that are used for other types of signals.

An optical telescope is one which gathers and focuses visible light and other electromagnetic radiation. Telescopes not only increase the apparent angular size of the objects that are located at a distance, but also the apparent brightness of the objects. Telescopes work by using one or more curved optical elements (either lenses or mirrors) to gather light or electromagnetic radiation.

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